About Peach Parlor Shop

At Peach Parlor Shop, we are dedicated to making quality handmade products with superb customer service. After lots of practice, we perfected the messy bow, which is our #1 seller. Soon after, we added infant scarves, mini bows, and most recently skirts. With hundreds of fabrics available, there is a perfect bow for your little ones outfit. Many products are also available for adults. We’re always dreaming up the next product to add to our shop.

About Sara

Hey, my name is Sara, and I started Peach Parlor Shop almost 4 years ago. After having 2 boys, we were blessed with a baby girl. I’ve always dreamed of dressing up a little girl in super cute outfits. I needed hair accessories that would actually match her outfits, so I started making bows. I’ve always been creative and crafty, so I truly enjoy making the perfect item for your little one and mine. I’m blessed to have amazing customers, and to be able to give back.
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